Derby Covers for Harley Davidson

September 30, 2013 at 7:19 pm (NEWS)


Doc’s Motorcycle Parts has these and MORE Custom Made Chrome Derby Covers(points covers also) available for anyone who wants to make their motorcycle look that much more impressive.  These Derby Covers can be made to fit most all Harley Davidson Models.

“Show your Pride when you Ride” with these American Made Derby Covers that can feature the Branch of Service you are in, or that special someone is, or was in…

Want to feature your Unit, Doc’s can Custom Make the Cover with any design you seek!! Army, Navy, Airborne, Recon, Fire, or Police, you get us the design and we will make it happen.

For more information visit our online store at and goto our Military Products Links.

You can also email us at





GIRL SKULL                                              COMBAT VETERANS


4 5

ARMY RANGERS                                               REAPER CREW


6 7

                                               9-11 MEMORIAL                                                  AIRBORNE


8 9

                                              117 CUBIC INCH                                                    GANGSTA


10 11

                                            MOTORCYCLE CLUB                                               LUCKY 13


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