June 8, 2015 at 4:57 pm (1966 HONDA SCRAMBLER 305, DOC'S RESTORATIONS) (, , )

Doc’s Motorcycle Parts of Waterbury Connecticut has delivered it’s completed restoration of a 1966 Honda Scrambler 305 (CL77).


The Restoration Job began in February and was finished May 27th.  After tear down, paint, polish, chrome, full assembly and a GREAT test ride.  The Scrambler 305 was ready to be delivered.


The Honda Scrambler 305, CL77

“When Honda entered the U.S. market in 1959, it spent a lot of time and energy expanding the market for motorcycles in the United States, convincing Americans that nice people rode around on two wheels. Honda’s success opened the door for other Japanese manufacturers, who started offering high powered models designed specifically for the American. As interest in offroad riding continued to build, Honda turned its attention to designing lightweight, powerful bikes that would excel in the dirt.  The first CL77s were imported into the United States in 1965. They were a dual-sport version (then known as scramblers) of the CB77 Super Hawk, a 305cc overhead cam parallel twin. The Super Hawk had been on the American market since 1961, two years after Honda had established its import arm in Los Angeles.

In 1965, Honda finally decided there was an American market for a 305cc scrambler. Cycle World immediately tested the bike and liked it, even through it was not the production racer they had hoped for. Cycle World referred to the CL77 as a “gentleman’s scrambler,” stating, “It is, in fact, the appeal of scrambler-type styling that sells the CL77.” Period testers found the CL to be too heavy for competition and not as fast as the CB, but perfectly adequate for both offroad fun and reliably getting to work.” – Margie Siegal Motorcycle Classics Magazine

Doc’s Motorcycle Parts in Waterbury Ct, is proud of the job done on this motorcycle restoration.  All the hard work paid off with the satisfaction the customer expressed when it was unveiled to him.

Doc’s Motorcycle Parts is one of the Largest Motorcycle Shops in New England.  When it comes to motorcycles… we do it all & have been SINCE 1969.  With a Full Parts, Apparel, and Service Departments, Doc’s does it all.  From Helmets to Leathers, Tires to Handlebars, Tune Ups to Motorcycle Restorations.







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